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Benefits of working as an expat Healthcare Professional:

1. Higher salaries due to specialized skills and high demand.
2. Better working conditions like shorter hours and more vacation time.
3. Cultural experience fosters personal and professional growth.

Regarding high demand:

1. Globally, a shortage of 5.9 million nurses exists, with 4 million expected to retire in the next decade.
2. Countries like the UK seek foreign nurses to fill over 40,000 vacancies.

Networking opportunities:

1. Nursing abroad allows connections with healthcare professionals.
2. Internships offer valuable experience in diverse settings, aiding skill development.

Free UK accommodation:

1. Hospitals often provide free lodging for 2-6 weeks to help nurses settle in.
2. Nurses can later find accommodation based on their preferences.
3. Salary as a healthcare professional per annum approximately 2,401,003.81 Indian Rupees

Steps to Working Abroad As a Healthcare Professional

1. Research for your target country
2. Qualify for the standards
3. Improve your language skills
4. Apply for Licensing
5. Search for Jobs
6. Obtain Visa
7. Arrange Accommodation
8. Seek Advice from other Expats
9. Adapt to Cultural Differences
10. Stay Updated

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FAQs for Healthcare Professional

Ixora Global stands out from other job portals because it specializes in healthcare jobs, especially those abroad. It uses tailored matching to connect healthcare professionals with suitable international opportunities and offers support throughout the process. Additionally, it provides networking opportunities for professionals looking to advance their careers globally.
Support services may include assistance with visa and immigration processes, relocation logistics, language training, cultural orientation, medical insurance coverage, and access to professional networks or communities for expatriates.
You can stay connected with Ixora & explore professional associations, attend conferences or workshops, participate in online forums or webinars, pursue continuing education opportunities, and engage in mentorship or peer networking activities both locally and internationally.
With the help of Ixora, research the reputation of the healthcare facility or employer, verify credentials and licensure requirements, clarify contractual terms (such as salary, benefits, working hours, and duration of employment), and seek guidance from reliable sources or legal advisors if needed.
Ixora helps you look for international job portals specialized in healthcare, connect with recruitment agencies, explore opportunities through professional networks, and consider applying directly to healthcare facilities abroad.
Benefits may include exposure to diverse medical practices and cultures, career advancement opportunities, competitive salaries, potential for professional development, and personal growth through living in a new country.

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