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There has been a clear preference for overseas students for generations to study in the USA. Each year, more than a million international students seek to study in the United States so they can receive a top-notch education and launch their careers here. India makes up about 20% of all international students, making it one of the major contributors to the number of international students. It’s true that the land of Dreams truly lives up to its title in terms of offering students fantastic opportunities for research, innovation, and entrepreneurial endeavors. There are a large number of multicultural people living in the country, and over the years, the country has embraced and even welcomed this diversity. The city is home to 17 universities that are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world based on their research. It is also worth noting that this gigantic nation has plenty of deserts, snow peaks, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches to please your eyes and soothe your soul as well.

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