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What is ACT Exam or American College Test

If you’re applying to U.S. universities, you should take exams like the SAT or ACT to show your readiness for college. These standardized tests evaluate your skills in areas like reading, writing, math, and science, influencing your acceptance to the desired institution. Some Canadian colleges and universities also recognize the ACT exam as a measure of academic readiness.
What does AC stand for?
ACT, short for American College Testing, is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States and Canada. It evaluates English, math, reading, and science students, with an optional writing section. Administered by the non-profit organization ACT Inc., the test is available in both paper-based and computer-based formats. Aimed at high school students planning for college, it assesses readiness for college-level coursework and aids in admission decisions for colleges and universities.
ACT Exam Full FormAmerican College Testing
Exam AdministratorACT Inc.
Type/ ModeComputer-based tests and Paper-based
Duration2 hours 55 minutes +40 minutes extra for the writing paper
Number of questions215 Questions + 1 for Writing
Type of questionsMultiple Choice Questions
Negative markingNo negative marking
Number of times the ACT exam is conducted8 times a year for national citiesand 6 times for international cities
Age LimitAnyone above  the age of 13 years
What does ACT cover?
ACT Exam comprises of:
1. English: Evaluates understanding of English conventions, writing production, and language usage and mechanics. 2. Math: Measures knowledge in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and problem-solving/data analysis skills.

3. Reading: Assesses the ability to comprehend complex texts and make inferences.

4. Science: Tests interpretation and analysis of scientific data and concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth/space sciences.

5. Writing (optional): Offers a prompt for an argumentative essay, optional and may be required by some colleges.
What is the Exam Pattern for the ACT Test?

ACT is a standardized test with four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science, plus an optional 40-minute Writing section. See the table for the ACT exam pattern.

Test SectionType of QuestionsTime
English75 multiple-choice questions45 minutes
Mathematics60 multiple-choice questions60 minutes
Reading40 multiple-choice questions35 minutes
Science40 multiple-choice questions35 minutes
Writing (optional)1 essay40 minutes
Total215 questions3 hours and 35 minutes (excluding breaks)
Sections4 (One optional)
The ACT takes 2 hours and 55 minutes without the optional Writing section and 3 hours and 35 minutes with it. Since the test is timed, students need to manage their time well. Also, there’s a guessing penalty – no penalty for wrong answers, but no credit for unanswered or multiple-answer questions.
Calculate your ACT Score
To calculate your ACT score:
1. Scores are based on correct answers with no penalty for wrong or guessed answers.

2. Raw scores are converted to scale scores with consistent meaning across all ACT test forms.

3. Composite and test scores range from 1 to 36, with the Composite score being the average of the four test scores, rounded to the nearest whole number.

4. Reporting categories show total questions, correct answers, and percentage correct.

5. Categories align with ACT College and Career Readiness Standards and other readiness standards.
ACT Exam Eligibility
Open to all high school students interested in applying for undergraduate programs.

No strict age limit; available to students of any age.

Primarily for high school students, but those not enrolled can still take the exam if meeting age requirements.

No nationality restrictions; offered globally, but check recognition in the country where you take the exam.

Register on the official ACT website, pay the fee, and bring valid ID on exam day.

Overall, the ACT is accessible to students meeting basic criteria, serving as a valuable showcase of academic skills for colleges and universities.
Fee for the ACT Exam
Test TypeFee (Without Writing)Fee (With Writing)
ACT (No TIR)INR 10,500INR 12,500
ACT + TIRINR 12,000INR 14,000
ACT + TIR + WOINR 12,500INR 14,500
ACT+TIR+WI+QAS+WINR 17,000INR 19,000
TIR: Test Information Release, WI: Writing Intensive, QAS: Question and Answer Service, WO: Without essay
How to register for the ACT?
To register for the ACT, you can choose online or offline options.

For online registration:

1. Collect academic documents and contact details.

2. Use a laptop or desktop to access the official ACT website.

3. Create an account.

4. Click “Register” and fill in the required details.

5. Pick your test date (with or without the optional writing section).

6. Choose up to four colleges to send scores.

7. Select your test center.

8. Pay the registration fee.

9. Upload a suitable photo of yourself.
For those who opt for offline registration, here’s what to do: 1. Go to the ACT website and ask for a registration packet to be sent to you.

2. Complete the registration form in the packet, providing all required details, and choose your test date and center.

3. Send the filled registration form back to ACT by mail (expect 7-10 days for delivery).

Latest ACT Update for 2023
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