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What Exactly Is The SAT?

In most universities throughout the United States, the SAT or ACT scores are obligatory components of the undergraduate admission process. The SAT, a standardized test administered by the College Board, is a crucial benchmark for college admissions worldwide.
The SAT comprises multiple-choice sections that encompass the following areas:
Math Section: There’s one test with 58 multiple-choice questions. It’s split into two parts: one without a calculator, with 20 questions, and one with a calculator, with 38 questions. You get 80 minutes in total: 25 minutes for the part without a calculator and 55 minutes for the part with a calculator. The questions mainly cover Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry.

Reading Section: There are 52 multiple-choice questions with 65 minutes given. This part requires students to define vocabulary and understand passages. The passages cover literature, social sciences, history, and natural sciences.

Writing Section: There are 44 multiple-choice questions with 35 minutes given. It focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and editing skills.

Essay Section: There’s one essay where you read a passage and explain the author’s argument. You get 50 minutes for this part.
SAT Scoring System
The SAT scoring system operates within a range from 400 to 1600, where the highest attainable score is 1600 and the lowest is 400. This total score is derived from two main components: the Math section score and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) section score. Each section is individually scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points, contributing equally to the overall score.
For instance, if a student scores 600 on the Math section and 700 on the EBRW section, their total SAT score would be 1300 (600 + 700).

As per data from the class of 2022, the average SAT score was 1050. This average score is based on the combined performance of students across both the Math and EBRW sections. Specifically, the average Math score was 521, while the average EBRW score was 529. These figures provide insight into the typical performance of students who took the SAT exam in that year.
Scoring Dimensions in the SAT
Two different people read and scored the essay. Each person gives scores ranging from 1 to 4 for three dimensions: reading, analysis, and writing. The scores for each dimension are then added together, resulting in three scores—one for each dimension—ranging from 2 to 8 points each.

Many colleges and universities have differing policies regarding the inclusion of the essay score in the SAT. While some institutions require applicants to submit their essay scores as part of the application process, others choose to waive this requirement. This means that for certain colleges and universities, submitting an essay score may be optional, and applicants have the choice to include it or not based on the specific requirements of each institution.
Registration Fee
In India, the SAT exam costs $60 (INR 4970), in addition to a regional fee of $43 (INR 3562), resulting in a total exam fee of $103 (INR 8532) for Indian candidates.
Exam Scheduling
In the US, the SAT is offered 7 times a year, while in other countries, it’s available 6 times annually.
The digital SAT takes 2 hours and 14 minutes in total, excluding breaks. It includes:
– Reading and Writing: a 64-minute section with 54 questions (about 1 minute and 11 seconds per question).
– Math: a 70-minute section with 44 questions (about 1 minute and 35 seconds per question).
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