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Understanding Its Format and Content

Become A PTE Connoisseur: Understanding Its Format and Content

To succeed on your PTE exam, it’s vital not only to grasp the content but also to acquaint yourself with the exam’s structure, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle it effectively. The PTE exam format encompasses three main sections: listening, reading, and a combined assessment of speaking and writing. Within these sections, you’ll encounter a variety of question types, including interpretations, reading aloud, essays, and multiple-choice questions, among others, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your English language proficiency.

Section 1: Speaking & Writing (Oral and Written Expression)

In the initial segment of the Pearson Test of English (PTE), your proficiency in both speaking and writing is assessed, consuming a duration ranging from 77 to 93 minutes. Effective time management is imperative for securing a commendable score in your PTE examination. To attain exceptional results, adeptness in articulating English fluently within an academic framework, alongside precision in spelling and grammar, is crucial.

This section comprises various question types, including:

1. Personal Introduction
2. Oral Reading
3. Sentence Repetition
4. Image Description
5. Lecture Retelling
6. Brief Answering
7. Text Summarization
8. Essay Writing (20 minutes)

Pro Tip: Mastery of time management is essential to conquer this segment, especially considering the rigorous practice required for text summarization and essay composition. It’s advisable to tackle this section foremost during your examination.

Section 2: Reading (Comprehension Assessment)

The subsequent segment of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) assesses your reading proficiency, encompassing a duration of approximately 32 to 41 minutes. Typically prioritized following the initial section, this phase scrutinizes your ability to comprehend written English through diverse question formats such as re-ordering, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

The Reading component of the PTE examination comprises five distinct sub-sections:

1. Single Answer Multiple Choice
2. Multiple Answers Multiple Choice
3. Paragraph Re-ordering
4. Fill in the Blanks: Reading
5. Fill in the Blanks: Reading and Writing


This part of the PTE evaluates your aptitude in comprehending written English across various contexts and formats. It assesses your ability to decipher information, understand implied meanings, and navigate through different question types efficiently. By mastering the strategies for each sub-section and honing your reading skills, you can enhance your performance in this segment of the exam.

Section 3: Listening (Auditory Comprehension)

The subsequent phase of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) centers around auditory comprehension, typically spanning from 45 to 57 minutes. This segment predominantly relies on video and audio clips, challenging examinees to engage with diverse question types based on these recordings.

The question formats encountered in this section include:

1. Summarizing the Spoken Text
2. Multiple Choice Questions (Multiple Answers)
3. Multiple Choice Questions (Single Answer)
4. Fill in the Blanks
5. Highlighting the Correct Summary
6. Selecting the Missing Word
7. Highlighting All Incorrect Words
8. Writing the Dictated Words


In this section, your ability to comprehend and respond effectively to spoken English is evaluated through a variety of question types. Active listening skills play a crucial role in deciphering the information conveyed in the audio and video clips. It’s imperative to maintain attentiveness throughout these recordings to accurately respond to the corresponding questions. Mastering this segment involves honing your listening skills and employing effective strategies to navigate through the diverse question formats.

Navigating the PTE Examination Journey
To embark on your PTE (Pearson Test) Academic journey, your first step involves locating the nearest PTE center, a task we gladly assist our students with. Equipped with a headset, you’ll engage with questions delivered by the computer, responding accordingly. The examination spans 3 hours, during which you’ll encounter excerpts from real-life scenarios, charts, and graphs for analysis and response. Throughout the exam, you’ll be exposed to a spectrum of English accents commonly encountered in daily life. This exposure serves to bolster your confidence and comprehension of the English language.
Hopefully, this overview has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the PTE Academic exam and its components. Should you aspire to attain the highest scores on your PTE exam, consider enrolling in Ixora’s PTE Preparation Course. As a well-informed Ixora student, you’ll gain a distinct advantage over your peers.
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