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Scholarships Worth ₹2 Crores

Scholarships make international education more accessible by covering tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs. This financial support reduces the need for loans, easing financial burdens and allowing students to focus on their studies. By making education abroad affordable, scholarships help talented students achieve their academic goals.

In addition to financial help, scholarships promote diversity and inclusion by attracting students from various backgrounds. This creates a richer learning environment with different perspectives and experiences. Scholarships also support underrepresented groups, ensuring a more equal and inclusive academic community.


Most importantly, scholarships boost global engagement and academic excellence by encouraging international mobility and cultural exchange. Students can build global networks, fostering future collaborations and partnerships. These opportunities motivate high academic achievement and support research and innovation. International students contribute economically to their host countries and often return home as skilled professionals, promoting development and cooperation worldwide.

In order to provide ambitious students with several opportunities,  Tetr College of Business is offering scholarships, the details of which are listed below.

Scholarship offered by The Tetr College of Business

The Tetr College of Business is offering scholarships worth Rs 2 crore each, empowering 15 Indian students to join the inaugural batch of its global undergraduate programme, ‘Bachelors in Management and Technology’. These scholarships make international education accessible by covering tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs, reducing financial barriers for talented students. By attracting students from diverse backgrounds, the scholarships promote diversity and inclusion within the academic community, enriching the learning environment with different perspectives and experiences.

This scholarship presents a unique opportunity for selected students to embark on a journey of learning and entrepreneurship spanning seven diverse countries, including the UAE, India, Singapore, Ghana, the US, Brazil, and Italy, over four enriching years.

As participants in the programme, chosen students will have the privilege of studying at esteemed institutions such as INSEAD in France, SDA Bocconi in Italy, as well as NUS Singapore and IIT, among other prestigious establishments.

Distinguished Educators Shaping Futures

Esteemed figures in global business, education, and technology, including

  • Daniel Garret Van Der Vliet (Executive Director, Cornell University),
  • Manoj Kohli (Former CEO, Bharti Airtel/Softbank),
  • Alexis Montesinos (Professor, MIT),
  • Thorsten Truijens (Professor, Kellogg School of Management),
  • Nitin Gaur (Advisory Board Member, Stanford University),

will impart their knowledge to these students over the course of eight semesters.

Global Scholarships for Trailblazing Undergraduates

Starting in September 2024, Tetr will provide full scholarships to 60 undergraduate students worldwide for its inaugural batch. Among them, 15 will hail from India. The school will also embrace top SAT scorers, ranking in the top 1 percentile, as well as individuals who have declined offers from renowned universities.

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