The exchange of ideas and perspectives among students from various backgrounds - Ixorainternational

The exchange of ideas and perspectives among students from various backgrounds

With a growing influx of students pursuing higher education abroad, Oxford International discloses that the primary driving forces are enhanced career prospects, cultural exposure, and improved remuneration.
Around half of Indian students mentioned that the primary motivation for seeking an advanced degree abroad is the prospect of improved career opportunities, according to findings from the inaugural edition of the Oxford International Student Global Mobility Index (SGMI).
Furthermore, 42 percent of Indian students identified cultural exposure, and 41 percent mentioned the enhancement of language skills as their primary motivation for studying abroad. Additionally, 35 percent of Indian students believe that pursuing education abroad will open up opportunities for a more lucrative career.
Around 38% of students from India and Pakistan express an interest in pursuing higher education abroad to gain a global outlook. The study also noted that 42% of Indian students feel that specializing in a particular subject would improve their employment opportunities after graduation.
These are the motivations behind Indian students desiring to study abroad. However, the report uncovered reasons why some Indian students choose not to pursue higher education overseas. According to the findings, 50% of Indian students cited the ‘Cost of Living,’ and 35% pointed to ‘High tuition fees’ as the primary obstacles.
Additionally, 14% of Indian students find it more difficult to enroll in a foreign program compared to their home country. The report highlighted that only 30% of Indian students view immigration and the visa process as a concern when pursuing higher education abroad.
It’s noteworthy that 16% of students from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Vietnam express worry about the recognition of their academic qualifications by foreign universities.
In conclusion, the Oxford International Student Global Mobility Index sheds light on the dynamic motivations influencing the growing trend of pursuing higher education abroad. The primary drivers for students, particularly from India, include the pursuit of enhanced career opportunities, cultural exposure, and the expectation of improved remuneration. While a significant portion seeks global perspectives and specialization, factors such as concerns about the cost of living and high tuition fees act as deterrents for some. The report underscores the complexity of motivations and obstacles shaping the decisions of students in an increasingly interconnected world.
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