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Studying in the Uk

Welcome to Ixora International, your trusted guide for Indian students seeking to study in the UK. Our consultancy services are dedicated to helping you pursue higher education in the UK smoothly. We offer expert guidance to locate suitable programs in top UK universities and provide assistance with scholarship opportunities.
The UK boasts numerous attractions, including art and culture museums, making it a beautiful place to explore. International students can benefit from post-study work opportunities, enabling them to gain valuable work experience and even apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

Why Study in the UK

Benefits of Studying in the UK

The United Kingdom stands as an excellent destination for both education and work. With its clean environment and immigrant-friendly atmosphere, the UK offers a well-rounded experience for students. From academic pursuits to personal growth, the UK provides an ideal setting.

Top Universities and Courses

Available Intakes

UK universities offer three intakes: January, May, and September. The major intakes are in January (Winter) and September (Fall), while some universities also admit a limited number of students in the May intake (Summer). Students who miss opportunities in September can reapply in January with improved scores.

Application process

Consult with our experts​
Choose your desired course
Select suitable universities
Create a timeline for preparation
Apply to chosen universities
Receive offer letters
Apply for your student visa
Pay visa fees
Book visa date​
Embark on your study journey abroad