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Programs, Dates, and Advantages

Programs, Dates, and Advantages

The summer intake in the USA typically runs from May to August, with fewer applicants compared to other times of the year. This period, between January and April, features accelerated classes and less competition for admission.

While the primary intakes for international students are in the fall (September) and spring, the summer term offers opportunities for pursuing various undergraduate, graduate, and research programs across the country. However, fewer universities offer courses specifically for the summer term, with most being short-term in nature.

Prospective students interested in enrolling for the summer term can find information about universities, application deadlines, and available courses. Pursuing a degree in the USA offers a wide range of academic disciplines and professional opportunities.

Our study abroad experts can assist in simplifying your journey by helping you select the right universities for the summer intake in 2024.

The Timeline for Summer Intake in USA 2024 is as follows:
Timeline Activity
Research (April-August 2022) Discover which universities provide a summer intake and whether your desired course is offered, along with the admission criteria.
Standardized Test Participation (September- November 2022) Complete the necessary assessments, including the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, and other English proficiency exams.
Complete University Applications (November 2022-January 2024) Submit applications to American universities for the summer intake by the 2024 deadlines, and provide the required documents.
Awaiting University Responses (February-March 2024) Await responses from the universities regarding your application.
Visa Application & Finances (April-May 2024) Apply for the relevant US student visa and education loan, if necessary. Verify your eligibility for any university scholarships.
May 2024 Prepare to journey to the US.

Reasons for Studying in the USA

The USA offers a distinctive and varied education system. An American degree is essential for a successful career, known globally for its academic excellence. Studying in the USA allows you to choose from various graduate programs and training opportunities, including roles as teaching or research assistants in your field.

Impending Intakes in the USA

Advantages of the Summer Intake 2024

Process of Taking Admission To The Summer 2024 Intake

The process of applying for admission to the Summer 2024 intake in the USA involves several steps and requires careful planning and consideration. Here is a detailed outline of the timeline for processing applications:

April-August 2023: Explore Your Options

Ensure that the universities you consider for the summer intake in the USA 2024 offer your desired course and mode of delivery. Once you’ve identified suitable universities and understand their admission processes, proceed carefully. Although there are fewer options than in the fall or spring intakes, thorough research is crucial in selecting suitable universities.

September-November 2023: Take Admission Tests

Take the necessary admission tests, such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and English proficiency exams (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, Duolingo), based on the requirements of your chosen universities for the summer intake in the USA 2024. Remember the deadlines for these exams, as scores are typically released within five to seven days and are administered offline.

November 2023-January 2024: Apply to Universities

Start applying to the universities you listed for the May intake 2024 in the USA. If applications are not yet open, you can wait until March-April 2024. Fulfill the application requirements, including paying fees, taking required tests (SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, etc.), and demonstrating English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test).

February-March 2024: Await University Responses

Wait for the universities’ decisions. Generally, US institutions take about a month to respond, but it may take longer. You can inquire about your application’s status from the university, typically via email notification.

April-May 2024: Apply for Visa, Loans, and Scholarships

Apply for a US student visa upon receiving an acceptance letter. Ensure you attend a SEVP-approved institution, a visa requirement. Apply for education loans if needed, and explore scholarship opportunities, which may require separate applications.

May 2024: Travel to the US

Before booking flights to the US, familiarize yourself with the situation. Consider on-campus housing for the first semester, with the option to explore off-campus housing later on.

Review the necessary documentation for international students applying to universities for the Summer 2024 intake in the USA:

1. Academic Records

2. GMAT/GRE Results

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume

4. Verified 10th and 12th Grade Transcripts

5. Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

6. Valid Passport

7. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Exam Scores

8. Certificates of Work Experience

9. Passport-sized Photographs

10. Certificates for Extracurricular Activities

Selection of American Universities With Summer Admission Options

Course University USA Summer 2024 Intake Deadline
Mathematical foundation of computing programming abstractions, banking, money, and machine learning. Stanford University 27th April
MS in Finance, BS in Accounting, MS in business law, MS in American Studies, BS in Computer Science, MS in Economics, etc. Bridgewater State University Rolling Admissions
Journalism, Business. Design, etc. University of Oregon 21st January
Arts, Education, BS in Finance, History, Engineering, etc. Boston University 15th January
BS in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business in Accounting, BS in biology, MS Chemistry. Western Illinois University 15th January
MS Biomedical Engineering, MBA, MS Chemistry, MSW Cleveland State University 13th April
In conclusion, international students can enjoy a great chance to study in the USA and engage in internships and part-time jobs during the US summer intake. The USA is a top destination for global education, with its universities attracting numerous students each year. The best colleges worldwide, including those in the USA, offer top-notch education.
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