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Making Smart Budget Choices

The United Kingdom is a highly desirable location for global students seeking excellent education. While the country provides top-tier education, the associated tuition fees are a major worry for those planning to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Contrary to the common belief that studying in the UK is generally expensive, some numerous colleges and universities offer more budget-friendly options. 

This blog highlights several affordable universities in the UK catering to international students.

Affordable universities in the UK for international students

Staffordshire University

The institution is renowned for its science departments, offering a variety of programs. It holds a position in the top 10 universities in the UK and is distinguished for its ethical and value-oriented environment. This university attracts numerous international students annually. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-balanced blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The faculty, teachers, and professors covering various subjects are globally recognized and esteemed.

Number of International Students1,500
Average Tuition Fees£12,000 – £14,500 per year
Notable CoursesEngineering and Technology, Natural sciences, Medical sciences

Coventry University

Founded in 1992, Coventry University is a public institution offering over 130 undergraduate and 100 postgraduate courses. With a diverse population of international students from various regions, it has earned a place among the top 600 global universities in the QS rankings. Recognized for its affordability, the university boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced labs, and a commitment to research and innovation. Students can enjoy a quality learning experience without concerns about hidden charges or capitation fees at Coventry University, making it an excellent choice for international education.

Number of International Students15,552
Average Tuition Fees£9,250 – £14,250 per year
Notable CoursesAccounting and Finance, Engineering, Forensic Science, Arts & Design

Teesside University

Teesside University is known for being affordable for international students due to its 80+ years of teaching experience, diverse courses, and international scholarships of £1,500 annually for deserving students. The university’s excellent facilities, supportive study environment, reasonable tuition fees, qualified faculties, safety measures, research opportunities, and career-focused programs make it a top choice for those seeking affordable education in the UK.

Number of International Students1,066
Average Tuition Fees£13,000 per year
Notable CoursesSocial sciences and management, Business and management, engineering and technology, Natural sciences

Leeds Beckett University

Recognized as one of the most economical choices for international students, Leeds Beckett University is renowned for providing both quality and affordable education. The university is notably acclaimed for its partnerships with leading players in diverse industries and other reputable organizations. Currently accommodating approximately 28,000 students, Leeds Beckett University attracts a diverse international student body from over 100 countries worldwide.

Number of International Students1,247
Average Tuition Fees£14,000 – £15,000 per year
Notable CoursesSocial sciences and management, life sciences and medicine, engineering and technology

University of Cumbria

Established in 2010 with a student body of 10,000, the University of Cumbria is highly regarded for its research initiatives. It is recognized as one of the UK’s most affordable options for international students. The university’s five campuses offer abundant opportunities for students worldwide.

Number of International Students900- 1000
Average Tuition Fees£10,000 – £13,250 per year
Notable CoursesSocial sciences and management, Business and management, engineering and technology

University of Chester

Ranked among cost-effective universities in the UK, the University of Chester provides globally recognized education. With approximately 15,000 students, it secures the second position for international students according to the Whatuni Student Choice Awards. Additionally, the university boasts an impressive employability rate of 90.4% for its graduates.

Number of International Students1,500
Average Tuition Fees£12,950 per year
Notable CoursesSocial sciences and management, Arts and humanities, engineering and technology, Natural sciences

University of the West of Scotland

In discussions about the most affordable universities for international students in the UK, the University of the West of Scotland stands out. Renowned for academic excellence, it guides international and domestic students towards promising career trajectories. With five schools and colleges across four campuses, the university attracts students from approximately 100 countries.

Number of International Students1,700
Average Tuition Fees£13,325 – £16,400 per year
Notable CoursesBusiness, science and engineering, Law
Lanarkshire, Scotland

University of Bedfordshire

Ranked as one of the UK’s most innovative and transformative universities, the University of Bedfordshire stands out as an economical choice for international students. With a diverse student body from over 120 countries, the university boasts a remarkable 92% placement or postgraduate study rate for its graduates. Additionally, it has established international partnerships with China, Europe, and the Middle East.

Number of International StudentsNot known
Average Tuition Fees£12,900 – £13,275 per year
Notable CoursesScience and technology, Business and Management, Health and Social sciences

The Top 5 Cost-Effective Universities in London for International Students

For a considerable time, London has remained a coveted destination for international students pursuing their dreams of studying abroad, even though it comes with a higher price tag compared to other global locations.

Keeping this in mind, our team at Ixora has listed some of the most cost-effective universities in London for International Students:

University NameWorld Universities RankingAverage Tuition Fees per yearPopular Programs
University of East London801-1000£13,500BA (Hons) Fashion Textile Design
MA Business Management
BA (Hons) Psychology
London Metropolitan University£13,000BA (Hons) Accounting
BA (Hons) Law
BA (Hons) Architecture
University of Greenwich601-800£15,500BSc (Hons) Accountancy and Marketing
MA Design
MSc Data Science
Middlesex University401-500£14,700MSc Visual Analytics
MSc Data Science
BA Business Management
University of Westminster801-1000£17,000Master of Architecture
MEng Software Engineering
Aspiring students seeking to study in prestigious locations like London can find acceptance at top and affordable universities in the UK. These cost-effective UK universities also offer a variety of research scholarships for international students. Crafting exceptional applications with outstanding recommendation letters, well-crafted SOPs, and meeting other eligibility criteria can greatly impress these universities.
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