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No IELTS Required to study In UK Universities

Hey, did you know you can study in the UK without taking the IELTS test? While IELTS is usually required for your application and having a good score can boost your chances, some universities waive the requirement. This means Indian students have a chance to study in the UK without worrying about IELTS.

What does IELTS entail?

IELTS, which stands for the International English Language Testing System, is a widely recognized English language proficiency test. With over 4 million test takers annually worldwide, it holds the title of the most popular test for higher education and international migration.

Developed and administered by the British Council in collaboration with IDP Education and Cambridge Assessment English, IELTS plays a crucial role in assessing language skills for various purposes.

It has four modules based on which candidates’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening & speaking aptitudes in English are leveraged.

Requirements for studying in the UK without IELTS

Assessing your English scores from your 10th and 12th grades is one way some UK universities evaluate language proficiency. Some universities may accept students with a score of 75% or higher in both 10th and 12th grades. In some cases, only the 12th-grade score is considered.

– English Medium School Background:

If you attended an English medium school with consistently good grades, the admissions committee may waive the need for an IELTS score.

– Interview:

Some universities conduct telephone, Skype, or Zoom interviews before making final decisions on applications. These interviews help assess English language skills. If you impress the interviewer, there’s a chance the university may waive the IELTS requirement.

UK universities admitting students without requiring IELTS:

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. University of Bristol
  3. Sheffield Hallam University
  4. University of Warwick
  5. London Southbank University
  6. Northumbria University
  7. Robert Gordon University
  8. University of Bolton
  9. University of Plymouth
  10. University of Portsmouth
  11. Swansea University
  12. University of Greenwich
  13. University of Central Lancashire
  14. Aston University

What are the steps to apply for a UK student visa without IELTS?

Even though English fluency is typically required for a UK student visa, if you apply for MS programs at UK institutions without taking the IELTS, your university will provide a certificate to immigration authorities confirming your English language proficiency. Additionally, you can take the Secure English Language Test (SELT) instead of the IELTS to fulfill the UK student visa requirements.

UK universities offering MS programs without requiring IELTS

Finding UK universities for MS without IELTS for Indian students isn’t too hard. Each university may have specific eligibility criteria. Check out these universities for applying to MS in the UK without IELTS:

  • University of Bristol
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • London Southbank University
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Essex


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