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Crafting Your Ideal Living Environment as an International Student

Discovering a residence in a foreign land often proves to be the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of relocating. Securing a serene, rejuvenating, and delightful space becomes crucial for comfort amid the day’s study and work chaos. Unfortunately, students occasionally downplay the importance of accommodation in their planning, leading to struggles in finding options. This oversight may result in more expensive and less comfortable choices, often situated far from the university campus, thereby escalating overall expenses.

What are the housing choices available in the UK?

The advantageous aspect of seeking accommodation in the UK lies in the diverse options tailored to individual budgets and privacy preferences. There are four main options to consider:

1. University halls: A popular yet slightly pricier choice for international students. Located within or near the university campus, these offer private bedrooms but shared spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. Ideal for those wanting to connect with fellow international students and familiarize themselves with the campus.

2. Homestays: Owned by individuals, these accommodations involve sharing the property with a family or owner. An excellent option for international students, allowing them to potentially find someone from their home country and save on rent. Staying with a local family aids in becoming acquainted with the city and adapting as a responsible citizen.

3. Private student halls: Managed by private companies, these properties offer better living options with increased privacy. Students can choose what to share, including private kitchen and bathroom areas, providing more control over their living arrangements.

4. Private flats: The most popular choice among international students, private flats offer maximum privacy and independence. This option appeals to those who prefer living on their own terms.

What are the key considerations when selecting accommodation?

We recognize that securing a comfortable residence in an entirely unfamiliar setting can be challenging, but adhering to a few guidelines can simplify and streamline the search for anyone. Some crucial factors include:

1. Property location

2. Pricing and type of property (private, shared, etc.)

3. Payment options (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly)

4. Lease terms

5. Legal requirements

6. Accessibility to transportation

7. Budget assessment, encompassing living and additional expenses

8. Supplementary amenities like laundry facilities, gym, library, etc.

How to locate an affordable yet comfortable residence in the UK?

By taking necessary precautions and considering prerequisites, one can always discover a more suitable living arrangement. For international students, staying close to the university campus and opting for shared accommodations is advisable to save on both time and local travel expenses. Sharing a residence with fellow students promotes social activity and fosters connections with peers.

It’s recommended for students to connect with others from their home country and jointly explore shared housing options. This not only reduces living costs but also leads to savings on groceries, cleaning services, and more.

However, for those prioritizing privacy, there’s the option of a private room with a personal bathroom while still sharing common areas like the kitchen and laundry facilities.

Selecting your place of residence is a significant decision. It’s essential to cherish your living environment to make the most of your international study experience. Ensuring safety and having access to a supportive community are crucial. Ixora Global can assist you in choosing your next home through our reliable accommodation partners across the UK and other destinations. Additionally, we provide exclusive Ixora rates and deals. Seek guidance from your Ixora expert to determine the best option for you. They can also assist you with the application process after you’ve made your decision.

What is the typical expense for housing in the UK?

Accommodation and living costs vary across different locations in the UK, contingent on the type of property. London, being the costliest, has average property expenses ranging from £130 to £250 or more, depending on student needs and property specifications. In contrast, outside London, costs tend to be more budget-friendly. Keep in mind that different cities in the UK come with diverse accommodation costs. Here are a few examples for your reference:

Manchester£148.66/per week
Coventry£320- £530/month
Brighton (University of Sussex)£556- £715/month
South Kensington (Imperial College of London)£872/month


Embark on your international study journey with confidence, knowing that your choice of residence plays a pivotal role in shaping a memorable experience. The diverse housing options in the UK cater to individual preferences, ensuring a blend of comfort and budget considerations. Whether you opt for the camaraderie of university halls, the warmth of homestays, the privacy of private student halls, or the independence of private flats, each option adds a unique flavour to your student life.

As you navigate this crucial decision, remember the key considerations: location, pricing, payment flexibility, lease terms, legal requirements, transportation access, budget analysis, and additional amenities. These factors, when carefully weighed, pave the way for a gratifying living experience in a new land.

Discovering an affordable yet comfortable residence involves strategic planning and leveraging the power of shared accommodations. Stay close to the university campus to save time and expenses while fostering connections with fellow students. Explore shared housing options with peers from your home country to not only reduce living costs but also create a supportive community.

For those valuing privacy, the option of a private room with personal facilities offers a sanctuary amid shared spaces. At Ixora, we understand the importance of this decision, and our trusted accommodation partners across the UK, ensure you find a home that complements your academic journey.

Choose your residence wisely, cherish your living environment, and let Ixora Global guide you through this significant step. Our experts & counsellors are ready to assist you in making the best choice for a fulfilling and memorable international study experience.
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