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Admissions Process & Financial Support

Admissions Process & Financial Support

Doctoral programs are essential for numerous reasons, serving as the pinnacle of education in specialized fields and offering invaluable opportunities for growth and contribution. They provide students with advanced expertise, emphasizing research skills that enable them to conduct original studies and contribute to their respective fields. They are often prerequisites for career advancement, particularly in academia and research-driven industries.

Why Pursue a Doctorate At The Harvard Business School?

Doctoral students at HBS enjoy unparalleled resources, such as top-notch research facilities, a generous fellowship with a living stipend, and extra financial aid for research and attending conferences.

Harvard Business School business scholars explore various topics in management, markets, finance, and organizations. Our Ph.D. programs prepare students to conduct innovative research and excel as educators in prestigious academic institutions. We adapt our programs to meet student needs, stay current in the field, and uphold our mission. Doctoral students collaborate with faculty, alumni, and peers, engaging in a vibrant scholarly community at Harvard University and the Boston/Cambridge area.

Details regarding the procedure of admission & financial support are as follows:
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