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A Path to Innovation and Efficiency in ASU

A Path to Innovation and Efficiency in ASU

Exploring Advanced Techniques in Construction Management and Technology with an MS Degree

ASU’s transdisciplinary MS program in construction management and technology equips graduates with a bachelor’s degree in construction or related fields such as architecture, business, or engineering with enhanced professional skills. Addressing the escalating demand for adept professionals possessing advanced technical, managerial, and applied research competencies in the construction industry, this program offers a customizable curriculum to align with individual interests and career aspirations.

Tailored to accommodate diverse preferences, our courses encompass various areas, including:
Delivered by the esteemed faculty of the Del E. Webb School of Construction, this program empowers students to excel in the dynamic landscape of construction management and technology.

Unlock Career Opportunities: STEM-OPT Extension for International Students on F-1 Visas

Our program offers the possibility of an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension, allowing international students on F-1 visas to extend their work authorization for up to 36 months. This extension empowers students to gain valuable skills and experience in the United States, enhancing their career prospects.

For those considering an OPT extension, exploring ASU degrees eligible for the STEM-OPT extension is essential, available on ASU’s International Students and Scholars Center website.

Please note that the OPT extension exclusively applies to students on an F-1 visa and does not extend to students completing the degree through ASU Online.

Fast-Track Your Education: Accelerated Program Opportunities

Our program offers an accelerated path for students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as five years. Through our accelerated bachelor’s plus master’s degree option in Construction Management and Technology, students can expedite their educational journey while delving deeper into their field of study.

To embark on this accelerated track, students must apply separately to the graduate program. Typically, approval to pursue the accelerated master’s degree occurs during the junior year of the bachelor’s degree program. Interested students can explore eligibility criteria and application procedures to seize this opportunity for accelerated academic advancement.

Degree Requirements Overview:

To earn the MS in Construction Management and Technology, students must complete 30 credit hours, along with fulfilling one of the following options for their culminating experience:

1. Thesis (6 credit hours)

2. Written comprehensive exam (0 credit hours)

3. Applied project course (CON 593) (3 credit hours)

Required Core Courses (6 credit hours):

Project Management and Controls Core Area (choose one course):

– CON 502 Front-end Planning

– CON 530 Facilities Operations and Maintenance

– CON 532 Facilities Project Management

– CON 534 Retrofit Construction

– CON 540 Construction Productivity

– CON 541 Public Works Capital Construction

– CON 545 Construction Project Management

– CON 548 Sustainable Construction

– CON 551 Alternative Project Delivery Methods

– CON 557 Principles of Leadership for Project Managers

– CON 567 Advanced Procurement Systems

– CON 589 Construction Company Financial Control

Construction Technology Core Area (choose one course):

– CON 508 Engineering and Construction Failures

– CON 509 Advanced Concrete Materials

– CON 510 Sustainable Bio-based Construction

– CON 531 Facility Management: Building Energy Management

– CON 554 Trenchless Construction Methods

– CON 570 Introduction to Advanced Technology Facilities

– CON 571 Construction of Advanced Technology Facilities – CON 575 Information Technology in Construction

Electives or Research (18-24 credit hours)

Culminating Experience (0-6 credit hours):

– CON 593 Applied Project (3 credit hours)

– CON 599 Thesis (6 credit hours)

– Written comprehensive exam (0 credit hours)

Additional Curriculum Information:

– Students must select one three-credit-hour course from each of the core areas listed above, totaling six credit hours. Courses chosen as core area courses cannot be used as elective courses concurrently.

Admission Requirements:

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the criteria established by both the Graduate College and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.


– Applicants must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

– A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) in the last 60 hours of their first bachelor’s degree program, or in an applicable master’s degree program, is required.

Application Components:

– Graduate admission application along with the application fee

– Official transcripts

– Current resume

– Evaluation of academic and professional background

– Personal statement

– Proof of English proficiency

Additional Information:

– Applicants whose native language is not English must satisfy the Graduate College English proficiency requirements, irrespective of their current residency.

– Those seeking a teaching assistantship must demonstrate proficiency in spoken English. A score of 55 or higher on the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit or a score of 26 on the speaking section of the TOEFL is mandatory.

– Applicants are expected to have proficiency in fundamental construction topics.

Tuition Information:

Understanding that each individual’s financial situation varies, we encourage students to explore the range of ASU tuition fees and available financial aid options to determine the most suitable approach for their circumstances.

Online Attendance:

For those preferring the flexibility of online learning, ASU offers this program in an online format, featuring multiple enrollment sessions throughout the year. Interested applicants can access detailed program descriptions and request further information via the program’s dedicated ASU Online page.

Application Submission Deadlines:
Fall Session Modality Deadline Type
Session A/C In Person 03/01 Priority
Spring Session Modality Deadline Type
Session A/C In Person 10/01 Priority
Diverse Career Pathways Await Graduates of the Construction Management and Technology Program:

Commercial and Residential Sector: Opportunities include roles such as real estate developers, commercial construction managers, supervisors overseeing health care and specialized industrial building projects, as well as those managing sustainable or green construction initiatives.

– Construction Management: Graduates can pursue careers as project managers, project engineers, estimators, or schedulers, with the potential to ascend to leadership positions within firms engaged in industrial, commercial, or residential projects.

– Facilities Management: Positions in this field involve supervising the maintenance, operation, renovation, or decommissioning of existing facilities.

– Heavy Construction: Opportunities exist for supervisors overseeing the construction and upkeep of public works infrastructure like highways, airports, bridges, utility systems, and water or waste treatment facilities.

– Specialty Construction: Graduates may find roles as organizers, leaders, and managers within subcontractor or contractor teams specializing in mechanical and electrical systems. Additionally, management positions are available in specialty contracting firms catering to control systems, electrical distribution, or HVAC systems for large-scale facilities such as data centers, healthcare institutions, and semiconductor manufacturing plants, as well as commercial establishments.
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